About us

Tlustá Koala - founded in 2001


Stylish restaurat at good address

Tlustá Koalais in the centre of Prague  furnished as a cozy English pub. Interior is characterized by wood paneling, attention to details, soft warm light and possibility to sit in boxes separately from other guests.

A varied menu of food and drinks

Koala is ready for trenchermen as well as those, who just want to "stop for one beer". There are ten different types of pulled beer, so you will not get stale so easily. And you will definitely choose something from our menu whether you want Czech classic or you are looking for something exotic.

Kitchen opened for really long

In addition to convenient location in a quiet Senovážná street nearby Republic Square and a varied menu of pulled beer we can, too, show off with the kitchen opened until half past one after midnight.

Wide possibilities of reservations

Tlustá Koala has two separated saloons (capacity around 8 to 14 people). Also it is spread on two floors and theerfore offers option to reserve the whole floor (capacity around 60 people). If you are preparing bigger action and you like Koala, we can reserve the entire restaurant just for you.

Wheelchair access

Our restaurant is tailored to the needs of wheelchair users.

Dogs permitted

Koala loves animals and therefore cannot leave your pets tied in front.


Our chambre séparée can be always rented for your party, anniversaries, reunions, etc.