Our menu

You will choose from our menu for sure. You will find there snacks to beer and main dishes, kangaroo steaks and typicall Czech cuisine.

With beer, wine, or just a small snack

Omelette with ham /1,3,12/ 86 Kč
Bacon and eggs /1,3,12/ 86 Kč
Fried Hermelín (Camembert style) cheese with cranberries /1,3,7/ 94 Kč
Bowl of black and green olives 72 Kč
Spicy pickled Hermelín (Camembert style) cheese /1,7/ 86 Kč
Cheese platter, butter, olives /1,7/ 198 Kč
Cold cuts platter, butter, Znojmo pickle /1,12/ 198 Kč


Tlusta Koala Chorba, bean soup of many scents /1,9,12/ 58 Kč
Soupe du jour 46 Kč

Tlustá Koala specials

Beef burger Tlustá Koala, French fries, tartar sauce, mixed salad /1,3,7,10,12/ 217 Kč
Grilled kielbasa with horseradish and mustard and mashed potatoes /7,10/ 145 Kč
Marinated chicken wings with chili sauce and French fries /1/ 175 Kč
Steak tartare made from raw beef, toasts. /1,3,10/ 217 Kč
Beef Chili con Carne with steamed rice, or bread /1,9,12/ 173 Kč

Czech specialties

Beef sirloin in cream sauce with bread dumplings, lemon and cranberries /1,3,7,9,10/ 220 Kč
Spicy Beef Goulash with Homemade Bread Dumplings /1,3,710/ 220 Kč
Smoked pork rump with potato dumplings, steamed stewed cabbage /1,3,7/ 198 Kč

Main dishes

Meat skewer Tlustá Koala (300 g) with yogurt sauce and French fries /1,7/ 350 Kč
Large grilled meat platter for 6-8 people (2400g), French fries /1/ 2435 Kč
Rump steak with herb butter and mashed potatoes /7/ 380 Kč
Leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary with mashed potatoes and green peas /7/ 298 Kč
Kangaroo ragu on red wine with steamed rice and green salad 227 Kč
Kangaroo steak with pepper sauce, French fries and mixed salad /1,7/ 227 Kč
Pork chop with Ham and Fried Egg, French fries /1,3,9/ 182 Kč
Fried pork chop with homemade potato salad /1,3,10/ 182 Kč
Pork liver English style with French fries and tartar sauce /1,3/ 158 Kč
Wiener schnitzel with homemade mashed potatoes and mixed salad /1,3,7/ 238 Kč
Chicken Breasts with Green Asparagus and Potatoes 190 Kč
Chicken breasts with dried tomatoes and Balkan cheese, French fries /1,7,12/ 190 Kč
Spaghetti Bolognese with Parmesan /1,7,9/ 173 Kč
Risotto with green asparagus, chicken meat and Parmesan /7/ 190 Kč
Siberian Pelmeni with sour cream and mustard /1,3,7,10/ 143 Kč

Vegetarian Dishes

Spaghetti aglio e olio /1,3/ 167 Kč
Risotto with asparagus and Parmesan /7/ 167 Kč
Fried cheese with French fries, tartar sauce and green salad /1,3,7/ 167 Kč
Sautéed Fresh Vegetables with Potato Puree /7/ 143 Kč
Fried bread dumplings with eggs, pickle /1,3,7,12/ 109 Kč


Green salad with dried tomatoes, olives and Parmesan shavings /1,7,12/ 173 Kč
Greek salad with Balkan cheese and olives /1,7,12/ 167 Kč
Mixed Vegetable Salad 94 Kč


Homemade cheesecake with apples /1,3,7/ 69 Kč
Homemade Apple Charlotte with Raisins /1,3,7,12/ 109 Kč
Cottage cheese dumplings with strawberries and cream cheese /1,3,7/ 109 Kč

Side Dishes

Boiled potatoes 57 Kč
French fries /1/ 57 Kč
Homemade mashed potatoes /7/ 57 Kč
Steamed rice 57 Kč
Spaghetti /1,3/ 57 Kč
Homemade bread dumplings /1,3,7/ 57 Kč
Homemade potato dumplings /1,3,7/ 57 Kč
Steamed cabbage /1/ 57 Kč
Stir fried fresh veggies 57 Kč
Homemade potato salad /3,9/ 57 Kč
Tartar sauce, Pepper sauce /3,7/ 32 Kč
Garlic sauce, Chili sauce 32 Kč
Mustard, Fresh horseradish /10/ 32 Kč
Bread 4 pcs, serving of butter /1,7/ 32 Kč
Toast with garlic 1 pc /1/ 16 Kč

Wheelchair access

Our restaurant is tailored to the needs of wheelchair users.

Dogs permitted

Koala loves animals and therefore cannot leave your pets tied in front.


Our chambre séparée can be always rented for your party, anniversaries, reunions, etc.